Carebit Goes to Guatemala

Guatemala Volcano Fundraising Appeal
June 7, 2018
Carebit Pvt Limited - A Registered Non Profit Organization
August 29, 2018

Carebit Goes to Guatemala

Remember this date 2nd July 2018 , as the first time CARE did exactly what it was created to do.

This is a very proud moment to be the founder and part of the CARE project.

For such a young project with 0 funding, to reach the frontline in Guatemala and help those that never asked for any of this. Many of them lost everything they had in the blink of an eye, including friends and family and yet here they are smiling and looking forward to a hot meal from total strangers.

Just to see our ground team in CARE t-shirts, and the line of locals queuing for a meal, which is something, that we all take for granted is a truly humbling experience.

This is what CARE is all about and what I created it for. It is not all about price and masternodes and making everyone rich.

NO! CARE is about helping those that need it most and what better place to start than the aftermath of a volcano in Guatemala.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and with the roll out of our new mastenrodes almost here to introduce our unique idea of self funding. We are looking forward to much bigger things in the future.

Attiq Rahman
Carebit Founder

Few pictures of Carebit Ground staff serving food to Guatemala volcano victims.

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  1. henry says:

    This is a great coin with a huge future. I am from El Salvador and I see so much money being mismanage from all levles. This coin will have every penny on the blockchain. Thanks for all you and your team is doing

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