Care opens a free School for children

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November 9, 2018

Care opens a free School for children

Our community might be wondering what we have been doing recently and i am happy to announce the opening of CARE SCHOOL AND SYSTEM OF EDUCATION in Lahore, Pakistan. There will be free education for kids as we opened this school in a very backward area where people cannot afford educating their children. we have started computer education as well for these kids who have never seen a PC, and above all it is completely free for them.

Carebit will raise different projects related to Care School and I hope the community will co-operate with us in completing this mission of Carebit. Below are some screenshots of the School with more to come as we will hold some great ceremonies in coming weeks where Carebit will help those children in any way possible in addition to providing free education. we have also planned to open a free Medical Center for the same people in future. More details about this will come soon.

I hope you all will appreciate Carebit efforts in providing quality education for these kids. we have spent a lot of time in setting up a different curriculum for these kids which will enable them to break the barriers of the traditional education system in Pakistan. we plan to register the school and arrange a bigger place for the school in future and details of that will be handed out in due course with a long term vision of opening many branches of the school country wide. Mr. Akhtar Ali and his wife will be teaching in the school for now with arrangements being made for more teachers as we have currently 40 children admitted in the school. I truly wish that people see the true spirit of Carebit and help us in any way possible to take Carebit to a level where everything we dream could be possible.

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  1. Hello/
    I’m very happy to write us
    And awesome about all your efforts to help the world.
    I need some information how my organization nonprofit can find the opportunity to involve in your project help to help these people in need it to Haiti?

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