Carebit Partners with XCON

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May 15, 2018
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May 22, 2018

Carebit Partners with XCON

Carebit Partners with XCON

Pemium Austrian Business Consultants with 12000+ Corporate clients

We are VERY excited and pleased to announce that Carebit has now formed a partnership with XCON has been in business since 2009 and currently services 12,000+ corporate clients. XCON are no strangers to charity work, having recently sent supplies and aid to Africa.

In addition to this they have helped many local people through various fundraisers and contributed a healthy five figure Euro sum to date in a short time. Partnering with XCON will be a groundbreaking move for Carebit.

XCON will help expedite the outreach to corporate clients, investors and donators and it should go a long way in the recognition of Carebit as a global charity. Also XCON have very generously offered to fund the production of a Professional video highlighting the story of Carebit and they will join our board of directors to enforce the wide range of talent already seated.

XCON’s team have also expressed an excitement of being able to use Carebit’s resources to further grow their own charity donations through blockchain, after having previously experienced very high arrangement and transport costs for their donation to Africa.

About XCON:

Founded in 2009 in Austria, xcon achieved tremendous growth year after year. Fair and objective advice pays off. More than 12,000 corporate clients in the Upper Austria, Salzburg, Austria & Vienna area rely on the services of the companies of the xcon Group and their associated companies. The team of the xcon group, always act in the interest of their customers, because we are convinced that business is still done between people.


This is an incredible opportunity for both Carebit as a charity, and XCON as a company. Together we can really make a change.

Thanks for your continued support and belief in CARE.

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